Day 2's route takes us from Lake Louise State Park to Myre Big Island State Park in Albert Lea. In order to improve the roads we'll be traveling on, we will actually be dipping down into Iowa for a number of miles. It appears that we'll likely eat lunch in Otranto Park, and we'll again be making additional stops every 10-15 miles along the route. We will finish by riding the last 5-6 miles into the campground on the Blazing Star State Trail, which begins in Hayward. Total distance: approximately 65 miles.

Day 2: Approximately 65 miles
  • Leave campground and take the Shooting Star Trail back the way we came as far as Adams – approximately 15 miles
  • Go left (south) on Cty Rd 18 when you get into town (although this can also serve as a rest stop)- as you head south, you will hit a T in about half a mile – 18 continues left for about another half mile before curving  back to the south again for about 4 miles
  • At the next T, take a left for about ¾ of a mile on State Line Road
  • Turn right on T46 and continue south for 4 ½ miles to A23
  • Go right on A23 for about 4 1/2 miles until you get to Stacyville, which will be a good Bloody Mary stop at Gerb’s Bar and Grill on the right just a block before the stop sign
  • Continue west on A23 (first continue about a block on 23 to the stop sign, go right one block, and then turn left toward Toeterville) for about 7+ miles to Hwy 218
  • Go right on 218 for 1.5 miles
  • Go left on A19 about 3.5-4 miles to Otranto – nice park along the River as you enter town
  • Take a right and head north on S70 for about 3 miles to the state line, actually called State Line Rd., and do a quick left-right zig-zag onto 105 North for about a mile
  • Go left (west) on Cty Rd. 6, which becomes 1, for about 8 miles
  • Go right (north) on Cty Rd 30 for about 3.5 miles to Myrtle (you’ll be on its west side) and continue for another .5 mile to Cty. Rd. 13
  • Right on 13 for about 5 miles to Hayward
  • Left on the Blazing Star State Trail for about 5 miles into Myre Big Island State Park
  • Go left into the White Fox Campground – our sites will be 43,45, 47, 48, 50, 51, and 52