Thursday's Day 1 route will be the route we intended to take last year! We will travel from BA, departing at 8:00 AM, to Lake Louise State Park in Leroy, MN. The lunch break will occur in Blooming Prairie, with other stops every 10-15 miles along the way. We will finish on the Shooting Star State Trail, which runs approximately 17 miles from Rose Creek right into the Lake Louise campground. Total distance: approximately 85 miles.

Day 1: 85 miles. Most of the hills are in the first 25 miles
  • Leave BA parking lot and go left on 3rd Ave. SW (for .4 miles)
  • Go right on Willow St. (for .5 miles)
  • Left on Glynview (for 5.5 miles)
  • Right on 265th St. (for .8 miles)
  • Left on Albers Ave./Cty Rd 45 into Medford (for 1.9 miles) BATHROOM BREAK – TOTAL OF 9.1 MILES - There is not another bathroom until 40.8 miles – bring toilet paper in your bike bag, as there are plenty of cornfields! Maybe we can bring a camper potty!
  • Left on 1st Ave. NE (for .1 miles)  
  • Left on 2nd St. NE (for .1 miles)
  • Right on 2nd Ave. NE/Cty Rd. 12, (for 5 miles) 
  • Right on Cty. Rd. 12/8/Kenyon Rd (for .4 miles) 
  • Straight on Cty. Rd. 8 (for 2.4 miles)
  • Left on curve to Cty. Rd 43 (for 4.5 miles) BREAK COMES AFTER INTERSECTION FOLOWING BIG HILL CLIMB
  • Straight across HWY 14 (for 2.6 miles) 
  • Right at T on 48th St. (for .7 miles into Pratt) 
  • Left on HWY 218 (for .5 miles)
  • Left on Cty Rd 6 (for 1.6 miles) 
  • Right on Austin Rd/Cty Rd. 157 (for 4.9 miles)
  • Becomes Cty. Rd. 4 (BREAK) – continue straight (for 1.7 miles)
  • Right at T on Cty Rd. 16 (for 5.5 miles)
  • Left on HWY 218 (for .1 miles)
  • First right on Cty. Rd. 41/Center Ave. into Blooming Prairie (for .6 miles)
  • BREAK at stop sign/water tower Main St. intersection in park on right – outhouse! TOTAL DISTANCE TRAVELED APPROX. 39 MI. – there are bars downtown and a DQ on 218 right after this breakpoint
  • Left (east) on Main St. to stop. sign at HWY 218 – (.3 mi.)
  • Straight across 218 to NE 5th Ave. (.1 miles)
  • Right on NE 5th  Ave. (.2 miles) 
  • Left on 2nd St. SE (.1 miles) 
  • Right on 6th Ave. SE and follow curve, where it become Cty Rd 2 (for 6 miles) 
  • Right on Cty Rd. 5/160th Ave. (1.3 miles where it becomes Cty Rd. 16)
  • Straight on Cty. Rd. 16 (for 7.3 miles)
  • Left on Cty. Rd. 2 (2.2 miles into Brownsdale)
  • Stop at park on left before HWY 56 intersection – Lunch Break! TOTAL MILEAGE APPROX. 57 MI.
  • Continue east on Cty Rd. 2 (2 miles) 
  • Right on Cty Rd. 19/610th Ave. (looks like it would be gravel, but not) – (9.1 mi.)
  • Straight into Rose Creek at HWY 56 – there is an outhouse here! (.4 miles)
  • Trailhead for Shooting Star Trail is on left
  • Enter Shooting Star Trail and head SE to Lake Louis State Park (17 miles) – we will go right through Adams, and there is an American Legion Club there just off the trail to the left – beer break!
  • Once the trail gets into the park, DO NOT CROSS THE BRIDGE - turn back to the right on the gravel road and follow it about a quarter mile or so until you see the sign for the Group Camp Site on the left –– We just finished easily the longest day! APPROXIMATELY 85-86 MI.