Sherri Langfeldt and Kris Brazil changing a tire.
Sherri Langfeldt and Kris Brazil changing a tire.
The SMART Challenge Ride is a three-day ride starting and ending at Bethlehem Academy school in Faribault, MN.  There will be two overnight stays at state/regional campgrounds.   The locations for 2017 have not yet been determined.  However, you should expect 60-80 miles per day of riding.   This is spread out over 6-8 hours, with plenty of breaks.
Additional Info:
FOOD AND BEVERAGE - Food and drink will be provided for the duration of the event.   There will be lunch each of the three days, breakfast on days two and three, and dinner on days one and two.  Additionally, there will be drink, fruit and snacks for riders to consume throughout the day (at breakpoints and once we arrive at the campground).
BREAKPOINTS - Breakpoints are rest spots for cyclists as they travel the routes. Breakpoints occur approximately every 10-20 miles. All breakpoints will provide water, drinks, snacks, fruit, and support staff if you need any assistance. 
LUNCH STOPS - The lunch stops will be positioned about 60% of the way through each day's ride.  Specific details will be provided as we get closer to the event.
LODGING - Overnight campsites are provided for riders.  We would ask that riders produce their own camping equipment (tents, bags, etc.) if at all possible.  If you are unable to do that, we will make arrangements for you. This equipment will be checked in at the beginning of the race and transported by our support staff.  Free showers are available at each campground.  If riders choose to stay in a hotel en lieu of camping, they will be required arrange their own accomodations.
ROUTE SUPPORT - During the 3-day bike ride the SMART Challenge Ride will provide support staff and SAG vans (volunteers patrol the route and assist the weary, broken down cyclists by moving them to next breakpoint).
RULES OF THE ROAD - This route consists of traveling mostly on county roads and through small towns, as well as on some bike trails. Please use proper hand signals. Also, obey all traffic signs and signals on the roadways.
TRANSPORTATION OF GEAR (luggage and camping equipment) - The SMART Challenge Ride staff will arrange for your luggage and camping equipment to be transported along the ride.
BIKE MAINTENANCE AND MEDICAL SUPPORT -  Although we will have SAG vehicles available to support and transport riders if needed, major bike maintenance and/or medical needs (outside of basic first aid) will be the responsibility of the rider.

**It should be noted that the we will be having a celebration dinner/awards ceremony on Saturday night, August 12th, when we return.   Please make plans to attend the dinner, if at all possible. 
Riders and support staff at one of our break points during the 2016 SMART Ride.
Riders and support staff at one of our break points during the 2016 SMART Ride.